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Answers to questions about National Lampoon. Red means the question has not been answered. If you know the answer, please post a comment.

374. “Too Much Pink” Comic

Q: Trying to find online (or other) reference to Nat Lamp comics page that used the phrases “too pink” and “much too pink” about a woman’s breasts. Probably an early issue, maybe by Peter Bramley. Any ideas? A: Carol nails it: “”Too pink! Too pink!” is screamed in terror by evolved cockroaches of the future when confronted by

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371. Lost Lemmings Live Performance

Q: I have been looking for the longest time for the Wood Village “live” performance—the 1971 one, not the 1973 one I usually find—of Lemmings wherein Belushi summarizes today’s PC idiotology: “if you’re not a third world black lesbian you deserve to die”. It could be on one of the officially-released LPs or in the Radio

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