92. Wild Ride Story

Q: Do you remember a story in one of the issues about a kid who thinks he is dreaming when a woman knocks at his window and takes him on a wild ride in her car ending with him firing missiles at his high school?

A: That would be “The Spy Who Wore Nothing” by John Hughes from the column “Big John’s Couch-time Stories For Men” in the August 1980 (Anxiety) issue. (Thanks again to E. Nice for the answer.)

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    This is The Spy Who Wore Nothing, by John Hughes, from the column Big John’s Couch-time Stories For Men in the August 1980 (Anxiety) ish.

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    Thanks, E!

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    That was the fuckin’funniest story I ever read in NL. My brother told me it was actually Doug Kenney that wrote that even though its listed as John Hughes or somegthing!
    I have to get that issue back.
    thanks very much.

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