269. “The Battle of the Living Room”

Q: I am looking for a feature in the format of a multipage photo funny, a composition of photographs overlaid with comic dialogue balloons. It featured two boys staging a war between plastic army men of different nationalities inside a house. The battle took place on furniture and carpeted stairs, and the toy soldiers spoke some of the dialogue—in un-PC heavy dialects and accents, of course. One plastic soldier under torture on the spinning phonograph confessed, “Groan, groan… The Japs are hiding in the houseplants!”

A: It was “The Battle of the Living Room” by P.J. O’Rourke from the March 1977 (Science and Technology) issue.

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    This ends when the mother comes in and shoots the kids who are playing army because “Saturday is my only day to vaccuum” – this was a classic issue

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