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87. “This man has swallowed his nose!” Cartoon

March 11, 2004

Q: I am trying to find a cartoon in which a man is lying in the street with
this bizarre face. A man is standing over him waving people off, within the
caption, “Stand back! This man has swallowed his nose! It’s OK, I’m a
sheet-metal worker. Bring me a bucket of water and a catchers’ mitt!”
It would have appeared between 1973 and 1975.

A: It ran in the February 1974 (Strange Sex) issue, page 62. (Thanks to Mike for finding this.)


That cartoonist is John Caldwell, a regular contributer to the Lamppon.

—J. A. Britton

April 20, 2004 4:14 pm

Came upon this website looking for Nat Lamp anthologies. Visited the "Answers" site. Saw #87, which refers to a Caldwell cartoon. I'm looking at my yellowed photocopy of it. "Everybody back! This man's swallowed his nose! Don't panic, I'm a sheet metal worker! Somebody bring me a pail of water and a catcher's mitt!" The Good Samaritan is wearing a bowling jacket with the name "Leo" on it. There's a dog watching the scene, and a passerby is carrying a bag of groceries. I have no idea which edition of Nat Lamp first ran this cartoon. But I'm certainly willing to make a copy of it and send it to whoever posted. God Save The Internet. --Greg


July 20, 2004 8:44 pm

Strange as it seems, I'd really like a copy of the cartoon. Can anyone supply one, or the issue that it appeared it? Thanks

—Bob Poff

September 23, 2004 8:50 am

Can someone explain what this cartoon means? I guess I don't get it. Thanks!


October 31, 2004 9:43 am

What's not to get? :-) I think it's just a absurd take on a stock situation, perhaps commenting on the way experts sound to those who know nothing about their area of expertise. You realize of course that once someone explains it, you might "get" it, but it won't be funny anymore.


October 31, 2004 11:26 am

Damn. I well remember that cartoon, but I thought it read, "This man's *just* swallowed his nose..." Where would one who is interested find a copy of it, does anyone know? Thanks. Dave Kelsen

—Dave Kelsen

November 5, 2004 10:43 am

next time i go to storage, i'll look for that steelworker cartoon. if anyone wants me to email it to them, just let me know.

—John M

August 7, 2005 7:36 am

I would love to get a copy of this cartoon. I have only know of three people to laugh at it and they are all from NW Iowa

—Martin P

August 11, 2005 1:58 pm

Amazing I was able to find this forum. I have been looking for this cartoon for many many year and just google'd some of the words and bingo - I would REALLY love to see a xerox or fax of the yellow'd copy. Please contact me

—Jeff F

October 7, 2005 11:34 am

I specifically remember this cartoon because I laughed my ass off when I saw it. I know I cut it out and saved it somewhere. I also remember that many people I showed it to didn't get it either. This was just a precursor to my discovery that I have a bizarre sense of humor that has gotten me into trouble my entire life. It's like "Curb Your Enthusiasm"..either you get it or you don't.

—Jim B

November 2, 2005 11:37 pm

The cartoon ran in the Feb 1974 (Strange Sex) issue, page 62. Hope that helps!


December 13, 2005 4:00 am

I found the cartoon on the following web site. There is a cost associated with getting the cartoon, but for those of you who really enjoy his work, it's worth it at any price!

—Drew Courtney

April 27, 2008 2:47 pm

i would love to get a copy of this cartoon...iv told my wife about it for 18 years and she just stares at me ....she says things like why is he a sheet metal worker??? whats so funny about a catchers mit

—bob busch

December 12, 2008 8:47 am

Thanks, folks - I have been trying to find this for years. If you are patient, sooner or later the internet will deliver!

—Carrie Berry

August 19, 2013 12:37 pm

I first saw this in 1974, cut it out and used to show people because I thought it was so hilarious - very few people shared my view. I would give anything to see it again.


September 3, 2013 10:56 pm

I saw this many years ago while looking through a book of cartoons in a bookstore. I nearly swallowed my own nose trying to keep from snorting out loud with laughter in a public place, so I had to buy the book and flee. It still cracks me up just to think about it.


March 22, 2015 10:49 am

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