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153. Geoffrey Holden Credit

May 15, 2009

Q: Geoffrey Holder is listed as a performer on the “Classic National Lampoon 4-CD Boxed Set”, but I have notĀ been able to find any performer credits for each routine. Please let me know which routines on the National Lampoon LPs and CD’s are performed by Holder.

A: The “Boxed Set” contains the previous NL albums “That’s Not Funny, That’s Sick”, “The White Album”, “The Greatest Hits of the National Lampoon“, and “Sex, Drugs, Rock And Roll, & the End of the World”. I have all of these albums (except “Greatest Hits”, which contains only previously released tracks, all of which I have on other albums), and I don’t see his name listed anywhere. Or, perhaps I missed it. If anyone else knows what, if anything, Mr. Holder did on National Lampoon albums, pleaseĀ post it in a comment. (It might help refresh your memory to know that Mr. Holder was the Caribbean guy with the deep voice in those 7-UP “uncola” ads back in the seventies and eighties.)


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