65. The Mutant Insect of Job Disparity

Q: Please tell me what issue “The Mutant Insect of Job Disparity” appeared in. I want to buy it somehow.

A: It appeared in the “News on the March” section in the April 1981 (Chaos) issue, one of a series of such charts that appeared in the magazine for several issues. (Thanks to Carol for this answer as well as additional information–see the Comments link.)

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    You’ve been wating a long time for this answer, apparently. The Mutant Insect appeared in “News on the March” in the April 81 “Chaos” issue.
    For what it’s worth, this was one of 6 such graphs, drawn by someone called Jack Tom, that appeared Feb thru July 81, all (allegedly) showing areas of “disparity”:
    Feb 81; Lawn Sprinkler of Disparity
    Mar 81; Seabed
    Apr 81; Mutant Insect
    May 81; Female Sex Organs
    Jun 81; Mental Hospital Bathroom
    Jul 81; Mutant Bunny Hutch
    There might have been others; I don’t know. I can make xeroxes of these if you want.

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    Thank you for this information! I do very much want xeroxes of April 1981 Mutant Insect. And you tell me of another “disparity” graph, June 1981, featuring Mental Hospital Bathroom- I am an R.N. working in a mental hospital- the inpatient unit of Southlake Mental Health Center in Merrillville, IN. Would I ever like to see that! The Lawn Sprinkler of Disparity, Feb. 1981, also sounds fantastic.

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