58. How to Give a Sales Presentation

Q: I remember a cartoon from ’76, ‘ 77, ‘ 78 ?? which showed three ways to put on a sales presentation. One was to be clean cut and professional, one was to come in acting like a clown, and one was to give BJs under the table. What issue was that in?

A: It was the December 1975 (Money) issue. The article was called “The National Lampoon Guide to Effective Salesmanship” by Tony Hendra and Gerald Sussman, illustrations uncredited. (Thanks to Jay.)

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    Not sure, Mark. I want to say the “success” issue…But I’d have to check to be sure.

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    (Cover has a rich kid peeing down a manhole)

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    That’s it. The December 1975 (Money) issue.

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    You’ll have to take that up with Jay (see the first post). He is actually the guy who puts that stuff on the official NL website.

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