Your Unauthorized Guide to the Golden Age of National Lampoon Magazine

365. Two Comic Book Parodies

February 25, 2012

Q: I am looking for a National Lampoon issue that had a comic book parody called “Captain (something) Boy O Boy” and it featured the cartoon “Kit and Kaboodle,” the take off of Tom and Jerry. There is an issue from june of 1973 that has a “Kit and Kaboodle” cartoon in it, but its not the insert I’m looking for.

A: bit I think you’re mixing up two different pieces: “Cap’n Jasper’s Boy O Boy” was a depression-era boy’s magazine parody by Bruce McCall that appeared in the June 1975 (Rainy Day Sunday Funbook) issue. “Kit ‘n’ Kaboodle” was a comic book parody by Brian McConnachie and Warren Sattler that appeared in the June 1973 (Violence) issue. It’s possible that they both appeared in a later anthology, but I don’t feel like checking.


AFAIK, small-format inserts like "Boy O Boy" (and Job Safety, TV Guide, etc) didn't get reprinted in any of the annuals etc. I'm wondering if the questioner isn't thinking of a MAD magazine piece from the 60's, "MAD Looks at a Typical Kiddie TV Show"? Drawn by Mort Drucker, it featured Phil Silvers as Uncle Nutsy (= Captain Kangaroo, etc) who shows the kids a Tom-and-Jerryish cartoon of extreme violence (tho' not in Kit 'n' Kaboodle's league). This teaches them important morals like "Mice are cute and good" or "Cats are evil and I'm going to kill my mommy's Siamese cats".

—shirley twinkletwat

March 24, 2012 7:20 pm

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