108. “Why—do we look crazy?”

Q: Looking for a copy of the cartoon that has two very looking crazy customers at a bar responding to the Bartender, “Crazy? Heck, no. Why—do we look crazy?”

A: The cartoon was by M.K. Brown and appeared in the May 1975 (Medicine) issue. You can also see it on Ms. Brown’s website (when you get there, click on “Panel Six” in the list on the left). (Thanks to Bill and Steve for this answer.)

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    It’s from a “Mule’s Diner” strip. Don’t know which one.

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    its by mary kay brown-its on her website

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    It’s also in the May 1975 “Medicine” issue, p.46.

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    That’s by B. Kliban and one of his best. You can google him and find the coldbacon.com site where many (unfortunately not that one) Kliban cartoons are reproduced. Buy his books! Wierdest guy EVER.

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