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85. “Rabbit Eggs” and Tea Bag Mix-up

March 3, 2004

Q: Looking for a couple of items/references. One is the Timberland Tales Thanksgiving episode where Constable Tom prepares a rabbit for Thanksgiving, and someone a table proclaims the stuffing
as “rabbit eggs.” I’m also looking for a single frame cartoon showing two dowager ladies over tea, with the caption, “My God, Ethel! Then what did you do with your tea bag?”

A: The first one was in the December ’82 issue. In the next-to-last panel, Maurice says, “Yeah, da rabbit laid dem jus’ before Constable Tom made ‘im go to ‘eaven.” A classic Timberland Tales, for sure. The other one is a Sam Gross cartoon from the August 1977 (Summer Sex) issue, part of a piece titled “A Tribute to the Lunar Cycle.” (Thanks to Steve for answering the second part.)


The tea bag cartoon was in a feature called "Jammin' with Sam- A Tribute to the Lunar Cycle" by Sam Gross in the August 1976 Summer Sex Issue. It had a series of cartoons revolving around tampons (such as a red, white, and blue one, which is how I remembered the year).

—Steve Orr

March 19, 2004 12:07 pm

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