156. “Night Before Christmas” Watergate Poem

Q: I am looking for the poem on Watergate that was presented during a radio show and may have been on the missing tape record. The poem used the structure of “T’was the Night Before Christmas.”

A: I’m almost positive that nothing like that ever appeared in National Lampoon, on the Radio Hour, and definitely not on the “Missing Whitehouse Tapes” LP. It was probably in some other publication or other. Mad magazine, perhaps. In any case, if anyone else remembers it, please post it in a comment.

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    I think the poem you mentioned might be from one of the Firesign Theatre albums. It’s ringing a bell and I know they did a lot of political parody and more specifically, they did some stuff on Watergate. Hope that helps……….

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    It was MAD magazine and I am looking for what issue right now because i remember It quite well It was in a 1973 issue but let me find out what month.

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