Your Unauthorized Guide to the Golden Age of National Lampoon Magazine

April 1972, Vol. 1, No. 25 / 25th Anniversary Issue

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“COVER: A commemorative design by Michael Doret specially commissioned for our Pig-Iron Anniversary. The large numeral 25 symbolizes Passage of Time in the Face of Adversity; the decorative swirls represent Opportunities, Both Those Missed and Those Taken; the 75ยข denotes Money in the Bank, Taken There by People Who Laughed All the Way; and the impressive roster of names signifies the Gullibility of Man, In Spite of It All. Thanks, and a tip of the NatLampCo porkpie to architect Gamal El-Zoghby, for permitting us to film “The Playboy Fallout Shelter” in his Playboy Fallout Shelter.”

Contents (listing only)

Editorial, Uncredited [but probably by Henry Beard]; Illustration uncredited

Letters, Uncredited; Illustration by Marvin Mattleson

The Unforgiving Minute, By Paul Krassner; Illustration by Marvin Mattleson

Mrs. Agnew’s Diary, Uncredited [Doug Kenny]; Illustration by Marvin Mattleson

News on the March, Uncredited [Henry Beard]; Photographs uncredited

Autumn of ’69 Collegiate Songbook, By Michael O’Donoghue; Illustration by Robert Dale

Third Base, The Dating Newspaper, By John Boni and Henry Beard; Photographs uncredited

The Cursory History of the National Lampoon, Written and illustrated by Arnold Roth

What’s My Party Line?, By Terry Catchpole; Photographs uncredited

Frontline Dentists, By Michael O’Donoghue; Illustrated by Frank Springer

Great Disappointments, Uncredited

Man in Toilet, Cartoons by Rodrigues

Foto Funnies, Photographs by Lynn Goldsmith

Commie Plot Comics, By Doug Kenney; Illustrated by Frank Springer

Where Were You When Ezio Pinza Died?, By Brian McConnachie; Illustration by Eugene Mihaesco

Foto Funnies, Photographs by Lynn Goldsmith

’58 Bulgemobiles!, Written and illustrated by Bruce McCall

Amos ‘n’ Andy Meet the Honeymooners, By Marc Rubin and Chris Miller; Illustration by Roger Hane

The Playboy Fallout Shelter, By Henry Beard and Michael O’Donoghue; Photographs by Leonard Soned

Funny Pages, Featuring “Nuts” by Gahan Wilson; “Shab” by B. Kliban; “Cheech Wizard” by Vaughn Bode; “Baxter Bug” by Michael O’Donoghue; “Idyl” by Jeff Jones; “Anti-Comics!” by Ed Subitzky; “Vinny Shinblind, the Invisible Sex Maniac” by Susan Harris and Peter Bramley; “Doctor Colon’s Monster” by Rodrigues; “The Easter Bunny” by Bruce Cochran; and “Chicken Gutz” by Randall Enos

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