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380. High School Kid Secret Agent

January 11, 2024

Q. One of the funniest stories I recall reading in the Lampoon was about a kid that tells a fantastical story about his exploits as a secret agent. I think the character’s name in the story was Chuck or Chuckie. Do you have any idea who wrote that story, what issue it was in or any information that might help me track it down?

A. Turns out, this question was already answered (#252 in 2010): “The Spy Who Wore Nothing,” by John Hughes from the August 1980 (Anxiety) issue. Thanks to Keith (who sent me this question) for figuring it out.


The name of this story is "The Spy Who Came". Don't know the issue off hand though.


January 17, 2024 12:40 am

Thanks Matt, turns out that was not the story I was looking for, but your answer led me to find that my question had already been answered as number 252 in 2010. The story I was thinking of is "the spy who wore nothing", by John Hughes. It appeared in the August 1980 issue. Thanks again, Keith

—Keith Jacobson

January 17, 2024 3:26 pm

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