283. “Kit ‘n’ Kaboodle” Comic

Q: I remember in the ’70s they ran I think a few cartoons that were a lot like the “Itchy and Scratchy” segments that ran later on The Simpsons, all of them spoofs of the classic Tom and Jerry/Tweety and Sylvester cartoons. I’m looking for one in particular, where I think the cat runs through a doorway that was boobytrapped with a guillotine, which then cuts him in two and he yells, “My spine!”

A: Actually, it was “Bleecchh! … My spine!” and it was a single comic book parody, not “a few cartoons”. It was called “Kit ‘n’ Kaboodle” and was written by Brian McConnachie. I’ve heard Matt Groening has admitted that “Itchy and Scratchy” was partly inspired by it.

It first appeared in the June 1973 (Violence) issue, and was reprinted in the National Lampoon Best of 4 anthology (1974) and the National Lampoon Tenth Anniversary Anthology (1979). It’s also on the National Lampoon Complete DVD-ROM (available from Amazon).