135. Nazi G.I. Joe Dolls

Q: Was there a cover or story where some G.I. Joe dolls were dressed as Nazis marching little Jewish Pillsbury doughboys into an oven?

A: It was definitely not a cover and I don’t recall seeing anything like that in the magazine. Reader Duane says, definitely not the ‘Poon, and that sounds right to me. If anyone else remembers what this was from, please post it in a comment.

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    Which issue of the National Lampoon was it where they had an advertisement for a toy soldier set in a Viet-Nam scenario? I liked off-beat and iconoclastic humor of the National Lampoon.

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    That was never in The National Lampoon, I promise you that. Although someone told me they saw that picture on a G.G Allin/ANTiSEEN album cover and then another source said Poison Idea did an Album cover like that and yet another source said they have seen that picture on several Kill Allen Wrench and The Mentors Gig Posters from the early 80s

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