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Show #20

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March 30, 1974
1/2 hour

Program Content

Intro by Michael O’Donoghue / Will You Survive?

H.R. Block Reason No. 287

New Ingenue Magazine Commercial

Commercial Break

Public Disservice Message: Don’t Hire the Veteran 

College Students / Stereo Discussion / Streakers “I Wonder What He’s On” (Streaker’s Song)

H.R. Block Reason No. 177

“This Side of Parodies” Book Commercial

Commercial Break

Universal Bank Commercial 

Megaphone Newsreel 

Police Auditions 

1974 Amsterdam Tulip Festival Reply / Americans United to Beat the Dutch 

Laughs From the Past: “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” by Stan Freberg 

National Lampoon Radio Hour I.D. 

Exorcist Oscar Acceptance Speech 

H.R. Block Reason No. 356

“Missing White House Tapes” Record Album Commercial

Closing Credits 

Ohio National Guard Bulletin 

National Lampoon Radio Hour I.D. (Scottish)

Wobbles the Goose

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