120. Satan Paintings

Q: Years ago (1976-1981, I think), National Lampoon featured an issue on Satan. They had some excellent airbrushing/paintings of Satan in a circle. Various poses. The one I am looking for featured Satan in a circle playing an electric guitar. Do you know what issue this may have been. Looking to get that airbrushed on my bike. Thanks for any help.

A: That doesn’t sound familiar at all. Are you sure it was National Lampoon? The only issues I recall that might have had something like that are the January ’82 (Sword and Sorcery) issue or the June ’86 (Horror and Fantasy) issue, but nothing in either of those issues matches your description. (If anyone reading this is familiar with these paintings, please use the comments to help this guy out.)

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    That sounds like an article entitled The Devil and William Kunstler from 1980 or 81.
    It may have involved Jimi Hendrix too.

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    Not a bad guess. There is a drawing of Satan carrying a guitar, but it’s scratchboard (a black and white ink technique), not airbrush, and anyways doesn’t fit the description.

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