Your Unauthorized Guide to the Golden Age of National Lampoon Magazine

41. “like a Mongol burning hot…”

November 28, 1998

Q: What the hell does “like a Mongol burning hot for cotton” mean? Henry Rollins quoted it at a press conference, said it was from NL circa 1975 and said he still had no idea what it means.

A: The reference is from an article by Ted Mann titled “Temptations to Actual Sin: ALL MORTAL SINS! ALL AGAINST THE HOLY GHOST! Guaranteed to: Put You in the Power of the Devil! Result in Temporal and Eternal Punishment! Deprive You of Sanctifying Grace!”. It appeared in the February 1981 (Sin) issue. There are a number of lewd photos of women with word balloons. One of them reads: “I’m going to tempt you to reject the known truth. In fact, if you’ll say two plus two equals five, you may take me from the rear like a brutal Mongol burning for coition.”

The only mystery now is where the hell did Mann come up with it? (Thanks to Wendell Evans for putting me on the right track on this one.)


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