125. Bluntly Honest Pin-up Girl

Q: I remember a two-page spread from the ’70s—a woman standing in a wooden bath, covered in suds, with a long handwritten note behind her in which she pointed out she was mainly airbrushed, composed of little printer’s dots, and would never even think of meeting the reader so he should quit fantasizing, etc., etc. I’ve got the Lampoon DVD, but I can’t find this.

A: That was quick. January 1979 (Depression) issue, “Endpiece” by Ed Subitzky. Thanks, Steve!

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    Try the Jan. 1979 “Depression” issue. Seems like it was written by Ed Subitzky.

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    Ah, yes. The January, 1979 “Depression” Issue. Yep, the young lady in question is Corinne Alphen, who was also a Penthouse Pet. To this day, that’s one of my favorite issues. She’s also featured in the special “Cheer Up” section immediately following the “centerfold”.

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