339. X-Rated Kid’s Birthday Party

Q: I have a vague memory of a NatLamp story where a kid’s birthday party turns sexual due to clown (or other entertainer) giving the kids never-named-but-obviously cocaine, etc. Did this really exist, if it did was it from NatLamp, or is it just an artifact of my own sick mind?

A: That would be a story by Chris Miller from the July 1975 (X-Rated 3-D Entertainment) issue called “Magic Show”. Except it wasn’t a clown, but a magician by the name of “Dr. Fun”.

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    I remember this story. There were actually 2 magicians who did all this weird stuff for the kid’s birthday party while the parents sat on the patio drinking bloody marys. In the end they have one of the girl partygoers fuck a donkey. Pretty outrageous stuff today.

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