310. “Mr. President” Comic

Q: I seek the name/artist & issue(s) of NL for the following cartoon: I believe it was titled “Mr. President,” but that’s a guess. It was about a U.S. President who was a civil service employee. He lived in a walk-up apartment with his mother. He had to borrow extra chairs from the neighbors to hold cabinet meetings. He had to take a cab to the Pentagon to deal with international crises. I loved it, circa early 1970’s.

A: It was the of “Of The People” comic strip that ran in The Funny Pages in the early ’80s, drawn by S. Harris. (More info in the Comments link. Thanks to Mrs. President for providing the answer!)

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    You might be thinking of “Of The People”, a comic strip that ran in The Funny Pages in the early ’80s. It was drawn by S. Harris. The hero was a US President who was “just a civil servant”; he has to use talkback radio to promote a domestic aid plan, in the example I’m looking at now. The Cabinet meets at his kitchen table, etc.

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    Sounds like a strong possibility. I’ll check back with the guy who asked.

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    Yep, that’s the one. Thanks, Mrs. President!

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