Your Unauthorized Guide to the Golden Age of National Lampoon Magazine

July 1972, Vol. 1, No. 28 / Surprise!

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“COVER: Once again our own Art Director, Michael “Has Anybody Got an Eraser?” Gross, elbows his way into your home with this month’s cover. His last (“Is Nothing Sacred?” January, ’72) sold literally dozens after being made into a handsome wall poster. Come to think of it, his career has been looking pretty grim generally, particularly since Frederick’s of Hollywood started using photographs instead of free-lance art in their rubber-frock catalogues.

 “Just kidding, Mike, heh heh.

 “Eat me.”

The cover shows a giant panda near the Washington Monument. Several Chinese soldiers and a tank are emerging.

Contents (listing only)

Editorial, By Doug Kenney; Illustrated uncredited

Letters, Uncredited; Illustration by Marvin Mattleson

Mrs. Agnew’s Diary, Uncredited [Doug Kenney]; Illustration by Marvin Mattleson

News on the March, Uncredited [Henry Beard]; Illustration by Marvin Mattleson, Photographs uncredited

True Facts, Uncredited; Illustration by Marvin Mattleson

Humoroids, By Henry Beard; Illustration by Marvin Mattleson

Saigon Times Refugee Pages, By John Boni and Henry Beard; Cartoon by Randall Enos, Photographs uncredited

Mao’s Little Black Book, By Dean Latimer; Photographs and illustrations uncredited

Suprise Poster, By Michael O’Donoghue; Illustrated by Don Perlin

The Way to Become the Masculine He-Man, By Chris Miller; Illustrated by Vincent Calabrese

Third World Comics, By Dean Latimer and P. J. O’Rourke; Illustrated by Gray Morrow

Sermonette, By Ed Bluestone; Illustrated by Frank Springer

Foto Funnies, Uncredited [features Doug Kenney]

The Abandoned Sock, Written and illustrated by Edward Gorey

Foto Funnies, Uncredited [features Paul Krassner]

Colonel Teddy Jingo’s Sketch, Written and illustrated by Bruce McCall

Foto Funnies, Uncredited [features Chris Miller]

Calling Dr. Hitler, By Michael Olshan; Illustration by Peter Bramley

The Worst Cartoons in the World, By Brian McConnachie

Better Mouth and Saliva Catalog, By Ed Bluestone; Photo collages uncredited

Funny Pages, Features “Nuts” by Gahan Wilson; “Prophet & Loss” by Peter Bramley; “Reverse Censorship Comics!” by Ed Subitzky; “Chicken Gutz” by Randall Enos; “Alice Pajamas” by C. Barsotti; “Idyl” by Jeff Jones; “Mercury, God’s Own Messenger” by M. K. Brown; “Shab” by B. Kliban; “Doctor Colon’s Monster” by Rodrigues; and “americarnal” by Bill Lee

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