309. Lampshade Contest

Q: I have recently been taking pictures of topless women with lampshades over their heads because of a spread I saw in the Lampoon when I was a kid in the ’70s. I had it confiscated from me in Jr. High and have wanted to replace it for as long as I can remember. Only thing is I don’t remember what issue it was. Can you help?

A: It was buckets, and it appeared in the February 1980 (Tenth Anniversary) issue. More info in the Comments. (Thanks to all the helpful readers who helped out on this one.)

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    I don’t have this issue anymore so I can’t check but I’m pretty sure it was in the tenth aniversary issue (feb 1980).

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    You’re right Marcel. The Feb.’80 ish has four pages of winners of the NL “Send Us a Nude Photograph of Your Girlfriend With a Bucket Over Her Head Contest”.
    Anyone upset by the apparent sexism of this jape might be comforted to know that, a couple of years later, there was a “Boyfriend’s Butt” contest. As I recall, the winning photo was of an Antarctic research team mass-mooning in the snow.

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    Thanks for the help with this, that is right around the right time frame. Much appreciation from me to you.

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    And: the contest was announced on page 52 of the September 1979 (Fall Potpourri) issue. Rules stated that umbrella stands, wastepaper baskets, and potato chip cans were also acceptable, but that paper bags were “cheating.”

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    Thanks, everyone, for all the info!

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