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257. “Buried Treasure” Appleton’s Strip

November 22, 2010

Q: Hi, I’m trying to locate an episode of The Appletons where Mr. Appleton led his kids to the kitty litter box and had them search for buried treasures. I may have been part of an Easter Egg Hunt. What a cruel man….

A: Sandi Sprinkler comes through: “It was Halloween, not Easter. The October ’79 (Comedy) issue, to be precise.” More info about it in the Comments link below.


It was Halloween, not Easter. The October '79 (Comedy) issue, to be precise. Mr. A makes a bunch of trick-or-treaters bob for apples in a tub of molasses, dig for 'treasure' in the cat box, and gives each kid a scoop of ice cream in their paper bag. As they leave, each soggy bag splits, spilling the kids' halloween candy for Mr. A to collect for himself. I don't know if he's cruel so much as childish.

—Sandi Sprinkler

November 25, 2010 5:03 am

Thanks, Sandi!


November 28, 2010 1:34 pm

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