74. Possible “Appletons” Story

Q: I once read a comic that was similar to or may have been “The Appletons” in which a preteen seduces a man, teacher, or Mr. Appleton. With a motel key hidden in her vagina she takes him there, gets her cookies, he splits at which time her preteen friends come from hiding in the closet all wanting to get fitted for a key of their own. What comic was this called and where did I see it back in the mid 80’s?

A: Sounds a little too raunchy for “The Appletons.” Anyway, I have no idea. If anyone knows the answer, please post it in a comment.

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    Can you tell me which issue had the story, “Trespassers Will Be Violated” ? I think it was anywhere from ’75 to ’79.

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    Do a search for “trespassers” using the search box.

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    Wasn’t it Timberland Tales?

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    That sounds like Trots and Bonnie

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    This does sound like a full colour Trots and Bonnie.
    However, I don’t recall anything about a key, and it may have been in a special issue.

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