95. Mad Vandal Songster

Q: Who sings the theme song to the Mad Vandal, the one called The Crap
Has Been Here And Gone

A: I have no idea. Maybe someone else knows. (If you, dear reader, know, please post the answer in a comment.)

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    If you are referring to the old Radio Hour episode no. 30 and 31, “The Case Of The Mad Vandal”, with the song “The Crapper’s Been Here And Gone”, then it is anyone’s guess who did it. At the end of these shows, when they read the credits of those folks who participated in the show, they don’t single out this song for an explanation. Best guess is that it would be a group project of the normal cast regulars, with some unknown handy studio musicians or similar who did the instrumental work.

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    where can one get a copy of the audio for the mad vandal 1 & 2 episodes?

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    I would also love to find a copy of the Mad Vandal of Kefauver High. “Although we have always taken ze lowest of ze low… even the French Foreign Legion has some standards.” 🙂

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    It’s been years since I’ve heard the song, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the singer (and probably composer as well) was Christopher Guest. He did a lot of musical work for the Radio Hour, such as a dead-on parody of Neil Young.

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    It sounds like Christopher Guest. Who is it a parody of? My guess is either Kenny Loggins or Ricky Nelson

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    Is this the song containing the lyric “and it’s rockin and rollin right out of his colon to you”? I’ve been wanting to hear it again for DECADES!

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