194. F-word Goes Mainstream

Q: Many years ago I read an article in the magazine that depicted a scenario where a NYT reviewer uses the F-word in notes for an article that inadvertently goes to press. Once that happened, the taboo on the word was broken down, and the next couple of years had the word appearing all over mainstream media and advertising. Any idea when that article appeared and how I could get a copy?

A: Carol sez: “That was ‘The F-Word Comes of Age’, in the September ’91 (Coming of Age) issue.” Thanks, Carol!

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    That was “The F-Word Comes of Age”, in the September ’91 (Coming of Age) issue. This is bizarre. Just a few minutes ago I answered an e-mail inquiry about something which turned out to be in this same issue. Something funny’s going on, if you ask me.

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    Thanks, Carol!

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