33. Mr. Vengeance

Q: Ten or more years ago I read a comic strip called Mr. Vengeance in National Lampoon. I don’t know if this was a recurring feature, or a one-time piece. This particular item involved Mr. Vengence getting “really mad”, showing up somewhere with an “intestine necktie”, and that including making people he didn’t like watch the “Care Bear Movie.”

A: “Mr. Vengeance” was written and illustrated by Buddy Hickerson and ran for many years during the ’80s. It usually appeared in the Funny Pages section of the magazine. The one you’re looking for is a special full-color feature from the Nov. ’85 issue (The Mad As Hell Issue). Hickerson also contributed other strips and did some feature illustrations.

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    mr. vengeance was so cool. is there anyplace on the web to view these classic strips?

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    I loved Mr. vengence i have a guy i see in our local hippie paper here in n.c. called “Quigmans” and its by well what do you know its none other than “Hickerson”

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    mr.vengeance was so freakin funny.i looked forward to a new one every magazine.i remembering quoting him and doodling in high school

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    Sure enough, there is a blemish on his wax job. He decides to get EVEN!!!

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    Mr.Vengeance wore that intestine neck tie to a white house dinner. I still have all the magazines from 1984-up to 1987. And I made a ceramic Mr.Vengeance in ceramics class in 11th grade. Still have that to.

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    I loved the cartoon where Mr Vengeance meets his long lost father. His old man treats him like shit, and Mr. Vengance gets even by stealing his wallet. Great cartoon. I wish someone could post them on the net.

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    I used to have each NL issue with Mr. Vengeance (I thought it was pants-wetting hilarious), but I made the mistake of lending them to my cousin who then “lended” them to one of his friends. I never saw them again. Does Hickerson have them published in an anthology somewhere?

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    Wasn’t it Buddy Hickerson who did the occasional “Old Children” strip for Nat Lamp as well? Eighty-ninety year old characters dressed as ’30s style kids with the propellor beanies and short trousers….THAT was hilarious. Cheers, Mark

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