278. Wheelchair High Dive

Q: I’m trying to remember what issue a photograph was in where a man in a wheelchair was diving off the high platform. Until next time about this and he was laughing really hard about. I’m sure was in the National Lampoon maybe the April 1976 issue, but I’m not sure.

A: It was the Harvard Lampoon Sports Illustrated Parody from 1974. The article was titled “Off the Deep End”.

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    The wheelchair on the high board was from the Sports issue. ’74 or ‘5, I think. Can look it up.

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    Thanks, Tim.

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    Actually, now that I look, it’s not from any of the sports-themed issues from ’74 or ’75.

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    Sounds to me like a picture from the Photorama Picture News column (or its predecessor Hot Flashes) where they took unlikely but real news fotos and made up silly captions. Alternately, could it be from True Facts? That often filled pages with oddball fotos on a theme: Filipino buses, diving horses, suicides on building ledges, etc.

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    I think that may be it. I have a copy and it seems to fit the description, although it was from 1974. The article is called “Off the Deep End”–two pages, with text and a picture of the judges on the left page, and a full-page, full-color photo of a guy on a wheelchair in mid-dive over a swimming pool on the right page.

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    That was the Sports Illustrated Parody. The cover had a baseball umpire and a girl catcher with her hat, halter top and boobs on backwards.

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    Yep, it was the Harvard Lampoon Sports Illustrated Parody. Thanks everybody.

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