132. Cut-out Christmas Ornaments

Q: I’m looking for images of paper cut out christmas ornaments that were in Lampoon. Perhaps the late 70s. I think there were four. One was of a “dead jewish boy”. Another was of holly balls w/holly dick. I used them on the christmas for years! Sure wish I could find them.

A: Doesn’t ring a bell with me, but Marcel says: December 1979 (Success) issue. (Thanks, Marcel! That was fast.)

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    It is an easy one! It was in the December 1979
    (Success) issue.

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    And let’s not forget “Attractive Dead Squid” (“helps mask evergreen odor”) and “Topo Gigio,” a star for the top of the tree (“okay, not a very big star, but he was on the Ed Sullivan show”).
    Surprisingly, the great (and Jewish) illustrator Seymour Chwast did the art. I wonder if he caught much sh*t for the “Dead Jewish Guy” thing. It is a good joke, if that’s mitigating. A “Dead Jewish Guy” is “the Reason for the Season,” after all.

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