Your Unauthorized Guide to the Golden Age of National Lampoon Magazine

169. Capitalist, Socialist, Big Dumb Guy on a Desert Island Cartoon

September 13, 2009

Q: Looking for a one page, one-shot cartoon about three men marooned on a desert island: The Capitalist, The Socialist and Big Strong Dumb Guy. I can’t find it anywhere, but it was hilarious. This might’ve been late 80’s/early 90’s.

A: It was called “Ideo-Logical Funnies”, by Tony Gleeson, and appeared in the January/February 1995 (Sex In America) issue. (Thanks to Tony Gleeson himself for providing the clue to solving this mystery. See the Comments link for more info.)


I wrote and drew that! I sold it to the Natlamp in the 90s and am surprised it was actually printed since I never got paid for it. But I've still got the original.

—Tony Gleeson

June 27, 2010 6:59 pm

Just a quick addition to my previous comment: the strip was called "Ideo-Logical Funnies." I do not know what issue it might have appeared in but I do still have a digital copy of it available.

—Tony Gleeson

June 27, 2010 7:16 pm

Knowing who wrote and drew it helps a lot. I did a text search of the National Lampoon Complete DVD-ROM and up popped the January-February 1995 (Sex In America) issue. Thanks, Tony, and sorry to hear you didn't get paid for it. It doesn't surprise me. That was around the time when they started publishing only one issue a year.


June 27, 2010 9:24 pm

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