5. “Foreigners Around the World”

Q: I was at my used magazine supplier and wasn’t able to locate the NatLamp issue on Foreigners. It had an article called “Foreigners Around the World.” I find no reference to it. Did I imagine it? I think the last time I saw it was in 1976.

A: “Foreigners Around the World” was written by P. J. O’Rourke and first appeared in the May 1976 (Foreigners) issue. It also was reprinted in the National Lampoon Tenth Anniversary Anthology (1979).

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    This is the one to pull out of cold storage when your neocon friends start referring to PJ O’Rourke as an elder statesman of comedy. At the time I read it, I thought it was funny because he couldn’t possibly believe any of the things he said (“Japs: Not really humans. Probably some kind of bug.”); in retrospect I’m not as sure.

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    …and that the French “fight with their feet and f**k with their faces”. This feature is where I learned that Russians wear suits made of cardboard.

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    And lots of other sterotypes old and new. Great issue that had me rolling on the deck of the houseboat where I first read it. Too bad we can’t take ourselves less seriously today. I’m sure if you could get a picture of one of the current presidential hopefuls reading this issue, it would ruin their political hopes forever!

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    I thought it was hilarious, still is.
    Many years ago I asked NL website to put it up, and they did! It was there for many years, but no longer. Google found it elsewhere.
    So, the question is, why did NL take it down?

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    Oh, I see my question is answered above. “Sometimes available”

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    Unfortunately, I think the Flashbacks section has been retired. Currently, the most convenient way to read stuff from back issues of the magazine (next to having actual copies of the magazine) is the National Lampoon Complete DVD-ROM. Although, as you say, things pop up on the web from time to time.

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