284. “Aunt Lolly’s Cookbook”

Q: I used to have a cookbook called “Aunt Lolly’s Cookbook”. I seem to remember it was published by National Lampoon. Ever heard of it?

A: You’re probably thinking of “Aunt Mary’s Cookbook” (1983) by M.K. Brown. Not published by the Lampoon, though. More info in the Comments link.

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    The incomparable and mind-blowing cartoonist M.K. Brown created “Aunt Mary’s Cookbook” (circa 1981? publisher?) based on her regular ‘Poon comic-strip “Aunt Mary’s Kitchen”. I wish I had a copy.
    The name Aunt Lolly might well have come from M.K’s other long-running ‘Poon comic “A True Western Romance” which was about a pioneering housewife called Lolly Barns.

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    That sounds right, so I’m going to mark this green for “solved”. Thanks Carolita!

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    Thanks, Dell!

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