29. Letters From the Editors

Q: Is there any chance someone has published a collection of the Letters to the Editor section? For me, that was the best part of each issue. Remember the one from the two Moslems with a bazooka on the roof of the Beirut Hilton?

A: National Lampoon published a collection in 1973 as a paperback called “Letters From the Editors of National Lampoon.” This is the only collection I’m aware of. And, according to reader E., the letter in question appeared in the April 1976 (Sports) issue.

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    If it’s at all of any help, the letter is probably this one, from the April 1976 (Sports) issue:
    Hey, Christians:
    Come out, come out, wherever you are! Ally, Ally, in-free!
    A Pack of Savage Moslems with Bazookas on the Roof
    Beirut Hilton, Lebanon

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    Thanks, E! That’s probably it.

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