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381. Very Large Book of Comical Funnies Cover Model

February 20, 2024

Q. Does anyone know who the model is in the photo on the front cover of The Very Large Book of Comical Funnies? Is anything known about the creation of this photograph? I’d like to know who she is so I can find out what her face looks like, too! Haha.

A. The only information I have about the cover is in the credits on the contents page of the book: 

Cover: Arky & Barrett [the photographer]
Cover Stylist: Laura Singer

No mention of the model, but they almost never identified models in the magazine, unless it was someone famous, like Brooke Shields.

She’s likely to have been a model who appeared in the magazine before, maybe in a Foto Funnies feature, but there doesn’t seem to be enough clues to make the connection even if that’s the case.

So I guess you’ll just have to use your imagination.

If anyone else happens to know more about the model and/or the photo shoot, please leave a comment.


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