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Edited by Brian McConnachie. Paperback. A number of pieces in this collection appear to be new material, not previously published.
COVER: Illustration by Don Stivers.


Foreword, By Brian McChonnachie

A Child’s Garden of Castration Anxieties, By Sean Kelly

Pamplemousse, By Brian McConnachie
From March 1972 (Excape!)

Finnswake Again, By Sean Kelly
From January 1973 (Death)

Mother’s Little Helper, By Anne Beatts
From February 1973 (Sexual Frustration)

Stopping by Frost, By Sean Kelly

Over the River and Through the Woods, By Ellis Weiner

Poppies: An Anthology of War Poems, By Sean Kelly

Sob Story, By Robert Goldman
From December 1970 (Christmas)

The Palma Sutra, By Doug Kenney
From February 1973 (Sexual Frustration)

Up Ulster Way, By P.J. O’Rourke

Chums in the Dark, By Henry Beard and Hugo Flesch
From September 1971 (Kids)

“Watts Kalifornia” “Huh?”, By Brian McConnachie
From October 1972 (Remember Those Fabulous Sixties?)

Swan Song of the Open Road, By Sean Kelly
From March 1972 (Excape!)

Book of Lamentations II, By Tony Hendra
From June 1971 (Religion for Fun and Prophet)

National Anthems, By Brian McConnachie
From December 1972 (Easter)

My Gun Is Cute, By Henry Beard
From May 1972 (Men!)

Well Donne, By Sean Kelly

Pornocopia, By Michael O’Donoghue
From April 1970 (Sex)

Telejester, By Chris Miller
From August 1973 (Strange Beliefs)

The Love Song of J. Edgar Hoover, By Sean Kelly
From August 1972 (The Miracle of Democracy)

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex, By John Boni and Henry Beard
From July 1971 (Pornography)

Lime-ized By Canonlight, By Sean Kelly

The Prophet, By John Weidman
From June 1971 (Religion for Fun and Prophet)

Hopkins, Skipkins and Jumpkins, By Sean Kelly

The Last Recall, By Henry Beard
From February 1972 (Crime!)

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