Your Unauthorized Guide to the Golden Age of National Lampoon Magazine

December 1972, Vol. 1, No. 33 / Easter

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“COVER: This month’s cover is by Rick Meyerowitz and is entitled ‘The Old Switcheroo Lives, But Can We Make a T-Shirt Out of It?’ One might make the observation that if that bunny rabbit is really crammed into the cover as it appears, why then is the logo dropping down instead of being forced up as physics would dictate? Our Design Director Michael Gross explains: ‘Yeah, well, maybe so, but bunny rabbits don’t have lumps on the tops of their heads. If they had lumps on the tops, we could force the logo up; but they don’t, so it’s got to go down.”

Contents (listing only)

Editorial, Uncredited; Cartoon by Picha

Letters, Uncredited; Illustration by Marvin Mattleson

Mrs. Agnew’s Diary, Uncredited [Doug Kenney]; Illustration by Marvin Mattleson

True Facts, Uncredited; Illustration by Marvin Mattleson

News on the March, Uncredited [Henry Beard]; Illustration by Marvin Mattleson, Photographs uncredited

Humorrhoids, By Hugo Flesch; Illustration by Marvin Mattleson

Dr. Trow’s Schools, By George W. S. Trow; Illustrated by Joe Orlando

The Golden, Wonderful Treasure of the Most Expensive Christmas Giftbooks of All Time, By Gerry Sussman; Photograph uncredited

Inventions That Never Made It, Uncredited

Chess Piece, By Ed Bluestone; Illustrated by Frank Springer

The Gift of the Magi, By Chris Miller; Photograph by Ronald G. Harris

Foto Funnies, Uncredited [features a Nixon look-alike]

Men’s Liberation, Cartoons by Rodrigues

Diplomatic Etiquette, By John Boni

A Christmas Tale, By Arnold Roth

TV Shows My Network Would Run, By Ed Bluestone; Photograph by Bruce Bacon

X-mas Dinner, By Henry Beard; Photograph by Dick Frank

Son-O-God Comics, By Michel Choquette and Sean Kelly; Illustrated by Neal Adams and [?] Schwartzberg

Foto Funnies, Uncredted [features Doug Kenney]

Up the Erse to Ulster!, By P. J. O’Rourke; Illustration by Gerry Gersten, Photographs uncredited

National Anthems of Our Political Friends, By Brian McConnachie; Illustration by Randall Enos

Funny Pages, Featuring “Nuts” by Gahan Wilson; “Trots and Bonnie” by Shary Flenniken; “Do-It-Yourself Comics!” by Ed Subitzky; “Idyl” by Jeff Jones; “Earl D. Porker, Social Worker” and “Bill–The Story of a Newt Who Was Eaten by His Suit” by M. K. Brown; “Dirty Duck” by Bobby London; “Chicken Gutz” and an untitled strip by Randall Enos; and “Vinny Shinblind, the Invisible Sex Maniac” by Susan Harris and Peter Bramley

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