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Would You Buy A Used War From This Man?

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COVER: Illustration by Edward Sorel.


Foreword, Uncredited

Is Nixon Dead?, By Don Pierce
From August 1970 (Paranoia)

Would You Buy A Used War From This Man?, By John Boni and Henry Beard
From September 1971 (Bummer)

The Wit, Wisdom and Warmth of John Mitchell, by Richard M. Nixon, By Isadore Silver
From October 1970 (Politics)

Eight Days that Shook Wook, Iowa: The Assassination of Vice President Spiro T. Agnew, By Tony Hendra
From October 1970 (Politics)

My Secret Life, By David Eisenhower, By Terry Catchpole
From July 1971 (Pornography)

Nixon’s Dream Supreme Court, By Nicholas Fish
From July 1970 (Bad Taste)

White House Romance, By Steve Kaplan
From April 1970 (Sex)

The Secret of San Clemente, By J. Albano & Joe Orlando
From December 1970 (Christmas)

Make Your Own Agnew Speech!, By Henry Beard
From December 1970 (Christmas)

The Shooting Gallery: The Nixons, By Rick Meyerowitz
From July 1970 (Bad Taste)

The National Lampoon Poll, By Michael O’Donoghue
From October 1970 (Politics)

Up With Negroes, By John Weidman
From May 1970 (Greed)

The Dick and Spiro Show, By Rick Meyerowitz
From October 1970 Politics

Mrs. Agnew’s Diary, By Doug Kenney
From various issues

Hot Flashes, Uncredited
From various issues

Brand-new Bugaboos, By Hugo Flesch and Rick Meyerowitz
From February 1971 (Men!)

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