Chris Miller Update

Chris has been putting the full text of some of his classic National Lampoon short stories on his website. If you don’t have access to back issues of the magazine, check it out. The list so far includes “Pipe Dream,” “Caked Joy Rag,” and “The Toilet Papers.” Update: Well, so much for that. Chris seems to have pulled the plug on his site. Too bad.

Anne Beatts Interview on Jesse Thorn’s Blog

Jesse Thorn, host of the radio show “The Sound of Young America,” has posted two video excerpts of his interview with Anne Beatts, former National Lampoon editor and writer. (Part one and part two.) Jesse says he will post the full audio of the interview on his site in a week or two. Great stuff.

P.J. O’Rourke on C-SPAN II

P.J. O’Rourke is scheduled to appear for three hours live on C-SPAN II, the public affairs cable channel, on January 7, 2007 at noon CST. (Start time not verified.) (Thanks to Chris for the tip.)

Josh Karp on Young America

An even better and lengthier interview with Josh Karp than the one on NPR can be heard on The Sound of Young America radio show website. It originally aired on November 17. Don’t miss the “bonus audio”—eight extra minutes that were cut from the broadcast (presumably) because it ran too long.

New Lampoon Movie?

I’m told that a new movie is in the works, the first in a long time to be done by people actually associated with National Lampoon. The movie is to be called “National Lampoon‘s Dirty Movie.”