49. “Americans United to Beat the Dutch”

Q: Do you recall a National Lampoon feature from the early 1970s (I think) that outlined the threat posed by the Netherlands (“Dutch treat means no treat at all”)?

A: The piece, titled “Americans United to Beat the Dutch,” was written by Henry Beard and Christopher Cerf, first appeared in the April ’73 (Prejudice) issue and was reprinted in the anthologies National Lampoon The Best of 4 (1974) and the “National Lampoon Tenth Anniversary Anthology” (1979). You may also be interested to know they did a bit based on the article on the Radio Hour in 1974 which was performed by Beard and Cerf.

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    You might also be interested to know that they had a second edition of the A.U.T.B.D. newsletter in the May 1974 “50th Anniversary” issue. It laid bare even more Dutch treachery and perfidy (such as turning our pets into Devil dogs through cheese flavorings in pet food).

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    According to Matty, this piece cost NL the Heineken account despite a personal friendship with the CEO.

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