Your Unauthorized Guide to the Golden Age of National Lampoon Magazine

September 1974, Vol. 1, No. 54 / Old Age

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“COVER: This month’s cover is by Wayne McLoughlin. Oh, really? Is that so? But I don’t think it could be the same McLaughlin. No, I’m pretty sure Wayne wasn’t in the furniture business in Lansing in ’31. I’d say he was a bit too young for that. Look, uh, I’m really in kind of a hurry. Very nice to have had this little chat. Why, yes they certainly are cute greandchildren! Taxi! Taxi!.”

Contents (listing only)

Editorial, Uncredited

News on the March, Uncredited [Henry Beard]; Illustrations by Alan Rose and Fran Hollidge, Photographs uncredited

Baba Rum Raisin, Uncredited

True Facts, Uncredited; Illustration by Alan Rose

Letters, Uncredited; Illustration by Alan Rose

Old Love Stories, By Ed Subitzky; Illustrated by Joe Orlando

Unexciting Stories, Illustrated by T. Vinson and Steve Walker

Lightning Strikes Once, By Brian McConnachie

Safari to Safety, By Sean Kelly

The Policeman Who Loved Opera, By Brian McConnachie

Senior Sex, Cartoons by Rodrigues

The Old School Course Catalog, By Ed Subitzky

Lastknell Knolls, By Gerald Sussman; Illustrations uncredited

Old Age Preparation Kit, By Ed Subitsky

Almost Midnight, By Henry Beard, P. J. O’Rourke, and Ed Subitzky; Photographs uncredited

Old Ladies’ Home Journal, By Christopher Cerf, Henry Beard, and Ed Subitzky; Photographs by Wide World, Ronald G. Harris, Dick Frank, and Vince Aiosa

Batfart Comics, By P. J. O’Rourke; Illustrated by Nick Cardy

Small Consolations, By Ed Subitzky, Photographs uncredited

Old, Written and illustrated by Gahan Wilson

Funny Pages, Featuring “Nuts” by Gahan Wilson; “One Year Affair” (one episode) by Ralph Reese and Byron Preiss; “Desdemona, a Southern Belle” by Rodrigues; “Idyl” by Jeff Jones; “Radio Rae” by Trina; “Chicken Gutz” by Randall Enos; “Famous Comic Artists School” by Bruce Cochran; “Trots and Bonnie” by Shary Flenniken; and “Son of Fred Kismiass!” by Ed Subitzky

Drawn & Quoted, By Edward Sorel

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