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October 1, 1999

Bonnie, Pepsi, and Trots.Late last Spring, I was contacted by Shary Flenniken, creator of the popular and long-running Funny Pages strip “Trots and Bonnie.” Ms. Flenniken contributed to the National Lampoon as a freelancer through most of its history (though she joined the staff for several years in the around 1980 as an editor). She is alive and well, and has been living in Seattle since the late ’80s in the house she grew up in. Lately, she has been a contributor to Mad magazine. A friend pointed her Mark’s Very Large National Lampoon Site and she finds it hard to believe anyone’s still interested in this stuff. (She says that it seems like the only fans of National Lampoon left are guys in prison!) Anyway, the big news for Trots and Bonnie fans is that Ms. Flenniken has graciously given me permission to run a couple of her strips. I chose two from the early years that I think are classic examples. Just follow the links on Shary’s page.



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