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New Feature: Answers Page

February 1, 1999

Over the last couple years of running this site, I have fielded many queries from readers looking for obscure (and sometimes not-so-obscure) information concerning National Lampoon and related topics. Questions have ranged from “Whatever happened to Danielle, the Foto Funnies girl?” to “Is National Lampoon still being published?” I decided it didn’t make sense to keep these queries private as many others would surely be interested to know the answers to some of these questions. The other reason is that sometimes I don’t know or don’t have time to find all the answers. By putting everything out in the open, I’m hoping fellow “know-it-alls” will chime in and make up for my ignorance. I’ve compiled them all into one handy page, the Answers page. As new queries come in, the answers will appear there in addition to my customary e-mail reply.


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