124. Laughing Jesus

Q: I recall an article about the secret or hidden life of Christ, playing games as “seek and ye shall find,” and there was a drawing of a young Jesus laughing. Does this ring a bell? And how would one go about getting a copy of that drawing?

A: I’m not sure, but I think you’re combining two different things. The first is an article called “My Cousin Jesus, A Boyhood Remembered” (listed on the Contents page as “I Remember Jesus”) from the December 1970 issue. This article has the “seek and ye shall find” reference, but the artwork is just a painting done in a religious style showing a young (but not laughing) Jesus. The other one could be “Magic Made EZ” from the June 1971 issue which has a photo of a smiling guy who is supposed to be Jesus. Maybe it’s someplace else where you saw the “laughing Jesus” drawing. If anyone knows the answer, please post it in a comment.

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    I recall the same picture. It was a full page picture of Jesus ‘bustin’ a gut over something.’ It was done with a bit of the Warner Sallman style. My memory had me thinking it was a cover shot but now I believe it was internal to the magazine.

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