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Show #46 / Moby! The Musical

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September 28, 1974
1/2 hour

Program Content

Act I 

Bording the Pequod 

Song: “All Ashore” 

Setting Sail, Introductions Among the Crew 

Song: “Call Me Ishmael” 

Encounter With Another Ship 

Song: “The Seaman’s Lexicon” 

Captain Ahab Appears 

Ahab’s Song: “The Unhappiest Man At Sea” 

We’ll Be Right Back with the Second Half After These Commercial Messages 

National Lampoon October 1974 “Pubescence” Issue Commercial

Commercial Break

Act II

Captain Ahab’s Birthday Plans 

Song: “The Present” 

Dorothy Snyder and Ahab Meet Over Sandwiches 

Song: “You’re Never Too Old to Love” 

Preparing for Captain Ahab’s Party 

Song: “All Hands on Me” 

Captain Ahab Discovers the Party Preparations 

Mail Call Hearing About the Big Fight 

The Finance Company Is Here to Repossess the Ship 

“Happy Birthday, Captain Ahab!” 

Captain Ahab Finds His Leg

Song: “Moby” and “Never Too Old” reprise

Commercial Break

Closing Credits (Written by Brian McConnachie; Music and Lyrics by Louise Gikow)

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