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Show #45 / The Rehearsal

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September 21, 1974
1/2 hour

Program Content

“Hey, Look Me Over” 

Water Glass Adjustment 

Sponsor at the Door Commercial Intro 

Commercial Break

Auditions for Chorus Girls 

Craig Baker Drops In with Beer for the Girls 

Chugging with the Girls 

“Look at my Frog” 

Looking for Mr. Chatterbox 

Megaphone Newsreel Editing 

Doug Kenney Preparing a Promo 

Ira Schnorrs, Talent Agent (part one)

Discovering Mr. Chatterbox, Dead 

Discovering Gracie Whitebread, Dead 

Richard Nixon Looking for a Handout 

Ira Schnorrs, Talent Agent (part two)

Richard Nixon Trying Different Doors 

Commercial Intro 

National Lampoon October 1974 “Pubescence” Issue Commercial

Commercial Break

Richard Nixon Still Looking for a Handout 

“F.B.” Drops in with his Girlfriend, Pud 

Ira Schnorrs, Talent Agent (part three)

Russian Stand-Up Comedians 

Flash Bazbo Deciding What to Eat 

The Light Beam Doesn’t Work, So Let’s Take the Stairs Instead 

Accident in the Stairway 

The Weight Watchers Ate the Studio 

Ira Schnorrs, Talent Agent (part four)

Calling the Carpenter Dwarfs 

The Carpenter Dwarfs Arrive 

The Carpenter Dwarfs go to Work on the Studio 

Let’s Move the Show to Maine 

Closing Credits

Commercial Break

Off to Maine

Announcer with Rehearsal Instructions

“Hey, Look Me Over” Fadeout

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