National Lampoon Radio Hour
Show #21 / Salute to Entertainment Show

April 5, 1974
1/2 hour

Program Content

National Lampoon Radio Hour “Salute to Entertainment Show” Intro 

Technical Difficulties 

National Lampoon Best of No. 4 Commercial

Commercial Break

Technical Difficulties Repaired 

“What’s on Your Mind” Game Show 

National Lampoon Radio Hour I.D. (Salute to Entertainment)

Mr. Hammerstein Writing Music 

Henry Leffingwell Interview with Cedric Simmons, Film Director 

Technical Difficulties 

New Ingenue Magazine Commercial

1974 Porny Awards 

Al Jolson with Commercial Intro 

“Missing White House Tapes” Record Album Commercial

Candice Bergen and Sidney Davis with Closing Credits 

Wobbles the Goose 

Situations Are Fictitious