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Air date: November 17, 1973
Duration: 1 hour

Program Content

You Don’t Have to Look at Pictures on the Radio (Old-time radio song)

Jill St. John with Introduction (Performed by Michael O’Donoghue)

Commercial Break

Mystery Primal Scream Contest (part 1)

Many Indian Gods

Richard Nixon Recording Session Takes (“Raising a million dollars is no problem”)

Charlie Chaplin Joke of the Air Service

Correspondent Michael O’Donoghue in the Middle East

The Jews Have Got Their Irish Up (Old-time radio song)

Mystery Primal Screams Contest (part 2)

Classics of the Contemporary Drama: “Waiting for Godot” 

Mystery Primal Scream Contest (part 3)

National Lampoon Radio Hour I.D.

Chit Chat with Pat Nixon / Teen Talk

Commercial Intro

Commercial Break

Bob the Rapist

Mystery Primal Scream Contest (part 4)

Laughs From the Past: Memories of Dufus

Mystery Primal Scream Contest (part 5)

No Eyes, Blind Detective and His Seeing-eye Duck, Bonus

Mystery Primal Scream Contest (part 6)

I’m a Little Stiff From Polo

Duane Thomas for U.S. Savings Bonds

Commercial Break

Thanks, Duane

Megaphone Newsreel

Charlie Chaplin Joke of the Air Service

Want Sauerkraut and Mustard on the Dog?

Mystery Primal Scream Contest (part 7)

The Lone Ranger on Masks

Crossword Puzzle

National Lampoon Radio Hour I.D.

Mystery Primal Scream Contest (part 8)

Straight Man Auditions

Mystery Primal Scream Contest (part 9)

You Put Me Through Hell (Joni Mitchell Parody)

Doomed Space Capsule Update

Commercial Break

Jill St. John with Closing Credits (Performed by Michael O’Donoghue)

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