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Show #2

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November 24, 1973
1 hour

Program Content

You Don’t Have to Look at Pictures on the Radio (Old-time radio song)

Karen Valentine with Introduction (Performed by Michael O’Donoghue)

Commercial Break

Remember Those Fabulous ’20s?

Which of the Ten Commandments Am I Breaking?

Meeting Count Dracula in His Castle

Areas of Concern: “Butter in Taxi Cabs” Discussion

Trial: 500 Pounds of Coal

Salad and a Cup of Coffee / Protests

Chinese Fortune Head

Recipe Corner

Truman Capote Prison Interview

Remember Those Fabulous ’20s (continued)

Daffy Duck on Hunters (Old-time radio song)

NRA Commercial

Sing Along With the Humpback Whale

National Lampoon Radio Hour Listener Call-In

Mafia Taxi Ride with John Wayne and Jimmy Cagney

Areas of Concern: ‘Butter in Taxi Cabs’ discussion (continued)

‘Land A Million’ Game Show

Commercial Break

‘Land A Million’ Game Show (continued)

Will You Accept a Collect Call?

National Lampoon Radio Hour I.D.

House Rules

Snow Day School Cancellation Notices

Spreading Parkay Margarine

Commercial Break

Laughs From the Past: Laugh, Laugh, Laugh! (Abbott and Costello)

Areas of Concern: “Butter in Taxi Cabs” Discussion (conclusion)

Timex Watch Commercial

National Lampoon Radio Hour I.D.

Remember Those Fabulous ’20s? (continued)

Agnew on Law and Order

Wish Fulfillment Playhouse

When You Wish Upon a Star

Nixon Speech: Surrender to China

Let’s Drop In on a Home Very Much Like Yours (commercial intro)

Commercial Break

Karen Valentine with Closing credits (Performed by Michael O’Donoghue)

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