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Revised Bookshelf Listing

January 21, 2024

Last month, I added a new category called Bookshelf. This listed all the stuff I’ve posted about various books that have been released over the years by people who worked for National Lampoon and also books about the history of the magazine and the people who worked there. This was just a temporary solution.

I’ve reworked it so that it’s now a listing page for that purpose. It lists all the books that were previously scattered across various articles and pages on this site in one place, along with links to where you can get the books (where possible). I’m also in the process of adding write-ups for some of the books (the ones I have read and own). These will be marked with an asterisk (*).



[…] Update 1/21/24: I’ve reworked the idea for Bookshelf. It’s now a list of books by staff and contributors not published by National Lampoon, plus books about National Lampoon and/or people who worked there. More info here. […]

—New “Bookshelf” Category | Mark's Very Large National Lampoon Site

January 22, 2024 10:34 pm

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